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Partnering up with PharmSupport is more than a service provided and an invoice paid.

Bijgewerkt op: 30 sep. 2022

‘’We are what we repeatedly do: excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.’’ - Aristotle

Our customers are in the field of Life Sciences and are situated all around the world. This

means that we provide our services and send our experts across borders. A big

pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Kyiv, in 2020 requested our assistance for their

Quality and Compliance strategy. The company is thriving: they have over 3000 employees,

massive annual growth and a big market outside Ukraine.

In order to really understand and support the company with their Quality goals, we had

frequent online meetings via Teams and later on, when the Covid circumstances allowed,

also in person. This did not only give us insight into the company, but also in the Ukrainian

culture. Our perspective on Quality is that the basis of Quality behavior is culture, and

corporate culture arises from society culture. We received a warm welcome and everything

was arranged for us down to the last detail, and not only during office hours. We really got

to experience Kyiv, and other cities with company production sites, and their lovely

residents. The people we met are incredibly hospitable, knowledgeable, motivated, polite

and helpful.

The progress of our joint project was successful thanks in part to our regular visits. Our latest

visit was scheduled in February 2022. These flights were cancelled, we all know what

happened February 24.

As a result of the war, several employees of the company, with whom we were in direct

contact, fled the country. We were worried about them. Once again, we were reminded that

we are more than a company and the situation underlined how vulnerable and human we all

are. Several employees have fled to the Netherlands, we and our very involved network

welcomed them and helped them in every way with housing, integration and work.

PharmSupport is formed by the individuals who work for and with the company. We

consider excellence as a lifestyle, not a single act.

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