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Our team members

PharmSupport is formed by highly skilled experts who have fun working together and strive for the best outcome.


Our Team

As a company, we are driven and ambitious. Our motivation is intrinsic: every single team member feels passionate about their expertise. As a team, we are aligned and feel the same responsibility towards our customers and our environment. We find it important to be a partner who takes care of the challenges that our customers have. We help our customers beyond the point of the project; we want them to reach their maximum potential. We can only provide that level of expertise and service, by having a strong and solid foundation: our team members. 

We are an independent organization with a proven track record and a team of highly skilled experts. Besides our in-house team, we have a great community of freelancers that work with and for us. This is a community built over the past 12 years and consists of over 200 experts. Working with this community makes us unique, as it gives us even more flexibility to provide a tailored solution to our customers’ situations.

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