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We have the team, experience & resources.

That is why PharmSupport is able to successfully execute MES projects, no matter how complex.


MES Services

Complex projects with desired results

We can imagine that organizations find MES projects complex and challenging. However, a successfully executed MES project brings visibility, control and manufacturing optimization of processes across the organization. We offer our expertise to organizations in the Life Sciences.
Whether it is concerning a new implementation, a migration project or about an expansion project: we have the team, experience and recourses to successfully execute MES projects, no matter how complex.

  • Experienced MES experts.

  • We have a proven track record.

  • Unique combination of GxP and MES knowledge.


MES Project Support

Depending on your MES project, we use dedicated project resources or agile Managed Services. We have the ability to fit your MES project, this can be by scaling up or down with MES -IT engineers, MBR- editors, CSV/ CSA experts, Business analysts or PMs. 

  • We can always match the complexity and scale of your MES project

MBR factory

Master Batch Records (MBR) is a critical part of MES systems, as these are the general manufacturing instructions. It is very important that the foundation of a MES system is solid. We have over twenty years of experience in offering lean processes for MBR authoring. In order to ensure efficient collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders, we optimized the MBR methodology with three workshops and demos. Our MBR factory is fully optimized with CSV/ CSA templates, ready to be used.

MES - Project kick-off

In order to fully comprehend your company and your MES project, we will start with a project kick-off. During this first meeting, we define the MES business case, establish project planning and also articulate prerequisites for IT or OT and basically lay the foundation.

IT/OT convergence expertise

As the world is becoming more digital, we offer you our expertise in IT/OT convergence. Traditionally, Information Technology was used for data centric computing. Nowadays, Operational Technology systems monitor processes, devices and events. Organizations need to converge the world of IT and OT in order to keep up. PharmSupport offers continuity to your company. We support your IT/OT convergence with separate lifecycles or resources for MES-IT, MES recipe management and for integrated MES or QA.

PHARMA 4.0 digital transformation

PharmSupport can evaluate your digital transformation specifically for MES and its Digital Ecosystem. We utilize BioPhorum’s Digital Maturity model and the SIRI assessment to help you define a Pharma 4.0 roadmap with a tangible stage/gate strategy.

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